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Если Вы желаете увидеть на своём мероприятии данных людей, Вы можете воспользоваться услугой электронного заказа.

Заполните заявку и в течение 15 минут с Вами свяжется менеджер проекта.

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* Поля отмеченные звёздочкой обязательны к заполнению.

Raider Dj Viya Poison


Minimal Technical Requirements

2 CDJs Pioneer 1000

2 Technics 1200mk2 with slip mats

1 Needle holder with brand new needle (Instance: Ortofon Night Club)

1 DJ Mixer Pioneer DJM 500, 600 or 3000

2 Monitor with good quality with a minimal power of 1 KWatts (Instance: JBL), it should be placed on the table with a minimal height of 150 cm from the floor.

1 Suitable chair or place on DJ table for the DJ Case with Vinyls.

1 The Sound Producer

Promoter undertakes to give an opportunity to the Artist to acquaint with a venue’s place, DJ Equipment of the Venue, its technical condition, and to make a sound check in 2 hours before the event starts.

All DJ Equipment should be in technically-serviceable condition, well switched on (connected) and well installed on the DJ table. Under the turntables should be placed the material that prevent micro vibrations. Turntable pitch-control, faders, switchers should have reliable contact.

During Artist’s Performance

1 Brand new terry towels

5 Bottles of the pure mineral water (!not sparkling!)

1 The Asti Martini Champagne bottle

The Make-Up Room

The Make-up Room should:

Be situated in the same venue where artist perform

Be heated & to be locked by the key (the key shall be passed to the manager)

Have a sofa or chairs (not less then for 3 seats)

Have a coffee table 

The Minimal Household requirements 

2 Flight tickets (business class)

2 Lux Rooms in the hotel (in the center of the city) not less then 4**** or in the private hotel (the best in city) during all time of being in the city.

3 times schedule meal during stay in the city

Ground transport from airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the venue, from the venue to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport.

We are thankful for your understanding according to the current technical ride-list which is important for the Artist performance in your venue. Hope for the durable & successful cooperation with You! 


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