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Polyphonia Greece

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Polyphonia Greece

Charalambos Pieris from Cyprus (Greece), is the mind behind the project CLAW. He was born in 1978, and has been producing since 20 His involvPolyphonia is the solo project of Romolo Cherie, a Greek producer who was formerly one half of the famous project Metallaxis, shared by Dmitiris Kulu. Polyphonia's music has been described as "uncompromised twisted and psychedelic music," and roaring, screaming, pixelated "cacophony" that leaves the listener with no sense of memory recall!

Romolo's first contact with music was at the age of 11 when he bought his first electronic guitar and started making his first distortion noises and sounds. His first contact with computers was in 2003, when he realized the power of sequencers and synths and wanted to learn how to directly create sound. After some years of metal and hardcore music, he discovered psytrance in the year of 1995, in which he got addicted to the full energy outdoor parties all around Greece and Goa, and to the powerful effect that had this psychedelic music culture in his life. He dedicated himself to psytrance music from then on.

His releases include "Babel Tower" on Crazy Goblins and Wicked Pixies, from Trishula Records, "Durdom" on Freakadell from Devil's Mind Records, and "El Maniatico" on Freemason Conspiracy from Illuminati Records, as well as tracks on compilations from Noize Conspiracy Records and Tantrum Records.

Without a doubt, Polyphonia is one of the top cutting edge producers of rising in the scene, a true genius at sound engineering, and a key figure in the movement to prepare for the upcoming shift of consciousness, with his ability to splice open minds and egos with his indescribable music.


Polyphonia Greece
Polyphonia Greece

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